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  • Taylor Dautremont

Mid February to Early April 2024: You Must Believe in Spring

Lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman

Music by Michael Legrand

Since we've last had the opportunity to share here, it's been a fantastically busy and productive nine weeks at CMC! We've put a pause on scheduling first days for new children while focusing on interviewing and hiring new Children's House Assistants. The results have been encouraging. Sunny has brought a new light and energy to our work in Children's House East. We're hopeful Gale will bring a dynamic new energy of her own to her work in Children's House West in the weeks and months ahead!

Please let us know if you know of any Skys, Rains, Auroras, Summers, Autumns or individuals of any name that may be interested in joining team CMC in the months ahead. (The referral of a successful job candidate will fulfill a family's entire Community Hours commitment for the session in which the referral was made!)

The Week of February 12th

Everyone in Children's House East took notice as our first sprouts of the season shot out of their glasses!

While everyone in Children's House West took notice of Isla turning five!

And everyone in the nap and rest room took notice of the new "light show"! (Thank you for the much loved idea and donation, Lauren!)

Jiraiya and James both worked towards documenting their growing numeracy, each in their own way!

Isla and Willow both enjoyed a sudden little snowstorm!

The Week of February 19th

Jiraiya taught Chloe a favorite mantra of cleaning crew (with a little help from me, Taylor).

Avriel marked his birthday photos with our numbers and counters while explaining things to a crowd less familiar with the proceedings.

Isla developed a fabulous new way of playing in the mud!

Phoenix "read" (they've actually memorized it) the sign hanging in the CMC Train Station Lobby!

The children's journey towards numeracy continued with Zane laying out the large number cards, Soraya copying the date onto a hummus tub lid (the contents of which we can highly recommend), and Jiraiya making many, many "fair trades" (often called "carrying" or "borrowing") during Golden Bead operations. . . the one shown below was during a division problem.

The Week of February 26th

Avriel joined the Golden Bead crew in Children's House East this winter with a keen eye for detail! We're all excited about the contributions he'll make to our group math work in the months ahead (and I'm excited about what he'll gain from it).

The Week of March 4th

The video above is a great example of why we engage the children in so much Practical Life work at CMC — it builds independence, concentration, coordination, and specific skills (like the spacial reasoning used in packing the cart or the communication required to plan the packing, respond to my reminder, and steer the cart to the hall). See more great examples directly below!

On March 4th the Children's House West community experienced something like the birthday walk equivalent of an eclipse in celebrating James turning five and Teddy turning four on the same day!

In Montessori we encode (write) first. . .

. . . and then use what we've learned encoding (writing) to decode (read)!

We also build understanding of numbers like twelve and thirteen (in work like Zane's), processes like addition of four-digit numbers (in work like Syd and Lincoln's), and complex, multi-base systems like telling time (in work like Chrissy's) on an understanding of the decimal system (in work like Willow's, Lincoln's, and Soraya's)!

Week of March 11th

Sometimes we all just need a good goof or a good birthday walk before getting back to work! Congratulations on turning five Vera!

Jiraiya builds confidence while working through his first official reading activity in Children's House East (although he's been reading bits of his own writing and that of his peers for a few months now)!

On Friday afternoon, many of us were happy to meet Sunny's daughter, Sylvie, for the first time while we all anticipated the first official day of spring and our annual celebration of it just a few days away!

Above, Lincoln and Syd craft some handmade flyers for the potluck! And here are our spring countdowns nearly all counted down!

The Spring Equinox Potluck (March 19th)