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  • Taylor Dautremont

December and Early January: All Bundled Up!

The cold has set in, the snow has started to fall, and the nights are still very long. Fortunately, our children are all still warm, safe, and growing into amazing people! I hope each of you finds a few minutes to appreciate the perseverance, strength, and joy embodied in our community's work these past seven weeks!

We said a heartfelt goodbye to five-year-old Adelaide right before our Winter Break. We've also happily welcomed newly three-year-old Chloe this month! I've been struck by how their departure and arrival symbolize the many farewells and new beginnings the New Year at CMC will bring!

We celebrated Addy's time with us at CMC with a batch of our Citrusade ("Yummier than water!") and many friendship bracelets on December 15th.

This past week, Chloe built our Pink Tower for the first time and really enjoyed Syd's milk service during lunch in Children's House East!

This upcoming Friday, the 26th, we'll also be saying goodbye to our long-time Assistant Director, Anna Strench. Anna first applied to work for CMC almost exactly four years ago and it's no exaggeration to write that CMC would not exist without her contributions. We will all miss her professionalism, warmth, and commitment to the well-being of our children. Please join me in wishing her the very best in her career transition and life.

Please also join me in supporting Lauren Diaz in her transition to Director of Licensing & Outreach (where she will take on much of Anna's former work) as well as Sara Trott's newly defined role as Director of Finance & Operations. We're all optimistic this transition will bring uninterrupted support to our two learning communities and our families.

The Week of November 27th

In the minds of many of our children, big piles of leaves, muddy puddles, and the space to really run are arguably the most important things we offer in the late fall at CMC. . .

. . . someday they'll know we offer them so much more!

The Week of December 4th

On December 6th we were so happy to celebrate Kelvin's fourth birthday with him in Children's House East!

The Week of December 11th

The next week, we were happy to help Soraya celebrate turning five in Children's House East as we all prepared for the Winter Break ahead.

The Week of December 18th

(Break Session Care and our Winter Solstice Potluck)

Our first-ever Winter Solstice Potluck on the the 21st was a smaller affair than many of our past potlucks but it still proved a warm and yummy night for all involved. We're looking forward to trying it again next year with the promise of a presentation illuminating the causes of the seasons (by a light bulb representing the sun)!

The Week of January 2nd

With New Year celebrations behind us, we were all happy to get back into our rhythms and routines at CMC. . .

Above, Avriel proudly crushes egg shells to dust in order to "feed" our house plants!

Above, Wolf works to form a cursive 'c' with Children's House East's new dry erase markers and, below, leads a large group in a game of "mudslide"!

The Week of January 8th

The week of January 8th was a busy one as we all relived at least some elements of the recent pandemic with many children and staff absences due to COVID. Those of us lucky enough to be at CMC stayed busy changing out Chrissy's name tags (she no longer goes by Tatum), welcoming quite a few visitors (including Chloe and her family), and pausing to focus on many specific fine-motor skills (see, in particular, Ani using his hands and whole body to secure our yoga mat closed with a Velcro strap in CHE).

Out with the old, in with the new! Sometimes change can feel so good!

We're all looking forward to what the rest of 2024 has in store for CMC!

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