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Sliding Scale Fees and PFCC

Our goal, as an intentionally diverse and socially responsible institution, is to make joining CMC accessible and affordable to as many Central Ohio families as possible. To meet that goal, we offer Sliding Scale Fees to all families across a range of annual and daily scheduling options. This means we charge fees to families that are responsive to their financial circumstances and child care needs (as opposed to a single set of fees for all families). 

Any family may choose to pay our Maximum Fees. Our Maximum Fees are competitive with preschool programs at well-regarded independent schools in Central Ohio and other fully-implemented Montessori programs in Ohio. Paying Maximum Fees is also supportive of our mission generally and especially the creation of an intentionally diverse and socially responsible community.










If your family does not find our Maximum Fees affordable, we encourage you to share your financial information during the enrollment process or at any point while enrolled. We will work together to determine your family's place on our unique Sliding Scale by:

  • Finding your family's Adjusted Family Income (AFI) - The AFI incorporates family size, all sources of annual income, and net assets into a single number representing your family’s financial resources. 

  • Finding your family's most affordable schedule at CMC - We offer child care and education across five daily scheduling modules from 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM, 50 full and partial weeks a year. For details of our schedule, please visit our Daily Schedule & Calendar page.

  • Determining your family's unique Sliding Scale Fees using your family's AFI and schedule.


Our Maximum Fees are the upper limit or top of our Sliding Scale. Families with high AFIs are asked to pay our Maximum Fees instead of fees based on a proportion of their AFI. Our minimum fees—or the bottom of our Sliding Scale—are 50% of our Maximum Fees.


Maximum Fees for All 2022 - 2023 Sessions

Minimum Fees for All 2022 - 2023 Sessions

Most families that share their financial information with us will qualify for Sliding Scale Fees while completing our Schedule and Fee Calculator. In addition, our School Year and Summer Session fees are prorated by week of child's orientation and first attendance as well as week of withdrawal (after a two-week notice period).

Our Sliding Scale Fee determination process is also designed to help us advise low-income families in applying for and using Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC) through the Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services (FCJFS). (PFCC was formerly named and is often still referred to as Title XX.) CMC contracts with FCJFS to offer full-time PFCC to eligible families; submitting financial information to CMC is not needed in order to use PFCC at CMC.


Please see our Family Handbook for more detailed information regarding paying for CMC privately or using PFCC at CMC.

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