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Thank you for your interest in enrolling at CMC! Our Enrollment Pathway is designed to help us all determine if your family and CMC are a good fit right now. We are committed to a rolling enrollment process. There are no timelines or deadlines built into the pathway outlined below (other than available open spots in our program and, of course, completing the pathway before your child(ren)'s first day). We look forward to hearing from you at any time throughout the year!

Step 1: Express Initial Interest

The first step in the Community Montessori Columbus enrollment process is to fill out our Initial Interest Form or contact our Assistant Director, Anna Strench, at or 614.212.4702. Anna will reach out to schedule a visit if CMC may be a good fit for your family right now.


Step 2: Schedule an Enrollment Visit and (if possible) an Observation

The purpose of this visit is for you to learn more about CMC and fully-implemented Montessori. Whenever possible, this visit will be complimented by an observation in one or both of our Children’s Houses. CMC’s Founding Director, Taylor Dautremont, will also meet with you to discuss our program, schedule and fees at CMC and, if desired, explore your family’s scheduling and fee options. Please allow up to two hours for this visit or visits (so that all questions may be addressed and next steps planned). If you are not able to schedule a visit or visits during this step, a video conference with Taylor may also be arranged.

Step 3: Determine your Family’s Schedule and Fees at CMC

If you wish to enroll your child(ren), you will be asked to complete a Schedule and Fee Calculator, read and sign a Schedule and Fee Agreement (SFA) or PFCC Enrollment and Schedule Agreement (PESA), and provide an Enrollment Deposit or PFCC Registration Fee for your family. 

If we do not have space for your child(ren), we will ask you to join our Waiting Pool by completing the steps above. As space becomes available, families in our Waiting Pool will be invited to schedule first days of attendance. Families may choose to leave our Waiting Pool at any time, however, Enrollment Deposits are only refundable as payment of CMC fees and PFCC Registration Fees are non-refundable.

Step 4: Complete All Required Enrollment Forms

As soon as the first day of attendance has been determined for your child(ren), you will be asked to submit all Enrollment Forms.


Step 5: Schedule a Visit to Meet Your Child(ren)’s Guide(s)

Once all all steps have been completed, your child’s Guide will reach out to your family to schedule a time for you and your child to visit their assigned Children’s House and meet their Guide before their first day!

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