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  • Taylor Dautremont

Community Hours Opportunities at CMC!

We are so appreciative of the many ways that families contribute to CMC! This page features a list of commonly available Community Hours opportunities. This is far from a comprehensive list of all opportunities; there are other unique ways that families have and can earn Community Hours at CMC. Please continue to check your email frequently, reference our Daily Schedule & Calendar, and reach out to Anna with any ideas or questions!

Once completed, please don't forget to submit our new

Community Hours Family Contributions Recording Form! 🙂

Recurring Community Hours Opportunities

Sign up to shop for snack! (6 hours):

One of the best ways you can support your child(ren) at CMC is by signing up for and shopping for a week of groceries and other perishable/consumable supplies for our community! Please drop-off all groceries and supplies with your child on the first day of the week for which you have signed up.

Take on Block and Curb Clean Up (hours vary per job):

Check in with Anna or Sara, request a big trash bag and pair of gloves (or three) and spend an hour (or two) picking up litter, big and small, all over our block. Many of us at CMC call this activity “the trash hunt”, your family can call it whatever you like!

Donate Books to CMC’s Lending Library (1 hour per 10 books):

As many in our community are aware, we operate a very small, one-book-in, one-book-out Lending Library near our front desk! Please donate new or gently-used books to grow our collection. Please only donate books that are age-appropriate and reality-based (no talking animals, superheroes, etc.)!

Cut Paper Towels for the Children’s House (hours vary per job):

Tiny hands go through lots of paper towels throughout the day! Ask to borrow one of our paper cutters to prepare paper towels for the children. We are always happy to stockpile!

Join Our Poison Ivy Task Force (hours vary per job):

We’ve made a lot of progress eliminating poison ivy from our play space and property these first few years. However, new sprouts and seedlings continue to occasionally pop up. If you are able to identify poison ivy plants while not being allergic to their oils, we would love to hear from you!

Donate Gently Used Clothing Items (2 hours):

We ask that families send their children to school with extra changes of clothes, however, sometimes children go through their extras quicker than expected. We are accepting clothing donations ranging from sizes 2T-7/8 that follow our gear policy of limiting anything that could be understood as a toy or costume (Disney, superhero, or otherwise themed). Please refer to the Family Handbook for our full gear policy.

Transport Crushed Cans to the Scrapyard (2 hours):

Please load your car with bags of cans that we have crushed using our can crusher and drop them off at the scrap yard. Please bring payment received from the donation back to CMC when logging your hours. All proceeds will go toward the building of a sandbox at CMC!

Buy CMC Sweats and Wear Around Town (1 hour):

We have a limited stock of CMC hoodies and sweatpants available for sale behind our front desk that we’d be so happy to see your children in at school and around town. We can offer a “rebate”, of sorts, in the form of 1 Community Hour for each piece of clothing purchased.

Put Together CMC Outreach Packets (hours vary per job):

Help prepare outreach packets so that they are ready for distribution! Ask Anna for supplies and instructions. Earn 1 Community Hour for every 10 marketing packets that you put together!

Distribute CMC Stickers and Flyers (2 hours):

Find places within a 15-minute drive of CMC where families of young children visit often. Introduce yourself as a CMC family member and ask the person in charge to display 1 CMC flyer and/or 10 stickers.

Refer a Family (5 hours):

Encourage families you know with young children to explore enrollment at CMC. Community Hours will be awarded each time a referred family places an Enrollment Deposit or PFCC Registration Fee with CMC.

Serve as a CMC Reference (1+ hours):

Add your family’s name to our list of references we provide to prospective families upon request. Earn 1 Community Hour each time you successfully serve as a reference.

Write Reviews (1 hour):

Find CMC profiles online — Yelp,, Facebook, Google, Apple Maps — and share your experiences at CMC; fulfill one Community Hour for every three reviews. In writing reviews, please try to include the words “preschool”, “kindergarten”, and “Montessori” while avoiding the words “infant” and “toddler.”

Roll plastic shopping bags (hours vary per job):

Ask Anna for a supply of plastic bags. Rolling plastic bags into balls helps us store them neatly and ensure that we have a ready supply for wet/soiled clothing and other messes around the building.

And last but certainly not least, attend a CMC Event to fulfill Community Hours!

Here are some examples of past CMC events!

End of the School Year Picnic! (May 27th, 2023)

CMC's First Official Family Outing to Sunrise Sanctuary! (May 20th, 2023)

Spring Equinox Potluck! (March 20th, 2023)

CMC Trunk or Treat! (October 29th, 2022)

Family Landscaping Day (October 29th, 2022)

Northland Unity Festival (September 17th, 2022)

Do you have ideas for future events or additional Community Hours opportunities? We want to hear them!

Thank you for supporting CMC and for being a part of our community!

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