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  • Taylor Dautremont

September and Early October: Falling for Montessori All Over Again

Happy fall CMC families and friends! I'm happy to share that many of our new and returning children have really hit their strides in Children's House East and West over the last four weeks. We've also had success in welcoming three new children to our community: David; Faith; and Gavin.

I've organized this post by area of Montessori focus and interest — Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and the Great Outdoors — in preparation for our Family Guide Conferences starting on the 23rd. I'm also very happy to round out this post with a few happy photos from Ike's Birthday Celebration as well as our two family events last month: The Northland Unity Festival and our Fall Equinox Potluck!

We're looking forward to all the curiosity, good conversation, and understanding these photos will encourage among our community!

Practical Life

(What to look for: children developing coordination, concentration, independence, self-care and self-regulation skills while practicing care of their learning environment and community!)


(What to look for: children exploring, understanding, and categorizing information from a wide range of sensory experiences while building spacial reasoning, problem solving, and self-awareness in space; expanding horizons through an exploration of geography and world cultures!)


(What to look for: children strengthening their expressive and receptive spoken language skills — speaking and listening — while learning to map those experiences onto the world of written language; the process of encoding or writing supporting the process of decoding or reading; the enjoyment of poems, songs, and stories.)


(What to look for: understanding of the relationship between numbers and quantity; counting; use of the decimal system; manipulation of large numbers while developing understanding of the four operations — addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.)

The Great Outdoors

(What to look for: children with the freedom to explore the natural world, their bodies' movement in space, and social and emotional relationships with other humans; all the dirty, messy, fun and sometimes pain of natural consequences and learning from mistakes!)

Ike's Birthday

The Northland Unity Festival

The Fall Equinox Potluck

We're looking forward to seeing many of you during our Family Guide Conferences the week of the 23rd and our Trunk or Treat on the 29th! Thank you all for all the ways you have supported CMC so far this fall!