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  • Taylor Dautremont

March 2020: We Really Had Something Good Going!

Collecting and assembling these photos and videos over the last few weeks has been both a bittersweet and inspiring process. It has broken my heart to close and then suspend our program, putting the beautiful and supportive little world we built on pause. At the same time, I know the sudden upending of all of our lives is protecting the health and safety of all our families. I am full of hope that our program will reopen this summer or fall with renewed connection, strength, and potential.

Please share the photos, videos, and words below with your family, friends, and especially your children! And please start collecting the best pictures and videos of you and your children at home right now - I'm excited to build a place soon where we can all share our children's experiences during our extended break!


Wally and Leo examine a stink bug from above while Evelyn examines the whole scene from the side.


Kindness focuses on a puzzle highlighting the different parts of a horse.


Leo and Evelyn continue their work with Sensorial materials while blindfolded. The material above is called the Red Rods, to the right, Leo is working with Cylinder Block Four.


Carsten collects little bolts in his hand as he unscrews them from a board.


Evelyn works with the Metal Insets, an art and tracing material designed to build the strength and coordination in children's hands necessary for fluid handwriting.


Wally takes a break to stare out the window after getting all the cubes of the Pink Tower to his mat.


Isabella helps get a new shelf in Children's House East ready for work using a dusting rag just the right size for her hand.


Kindness focuses on scrubbing a table, apron secure and a carefully laid out set of supplies ready.


Evelyn was very excited to share everything she knew of her parent's trip to Mexico, especially the lovely dolls they brought home for her. Wally enjoyed the opportunity to carefully touch the dolls.


These pictures show Evelyn's writing about her parent's trip to Mexico. The first step for Evelyn was to map out what she planned to write using the Small Moveable Alphabet. Next, she transferred her thoughts to paper and added a picture of the country by tracing the Mexico puzzle piece from the North America Puzzle Map and carefully coloring in the water and land.


Rocks, sticks, stumps, and mulch, oh my!


And then came the mud. . . this mid-mud-pit conversation looks rather serious, I wonder what Elliott, Carsten, and Wally are discussing!


Mud on pants, face, and hat!

Mud on a stick!


Sitting in the mud!

And, of course, stomping in the mud!


After all that mud, nap came easier for the little ones. . .

(Click on Wally for slideshow of all the nappers!)


While the little ones napped, Evelyn did her very best to restore order after the mud play each day using a new boot scrubbing work as well as a broom and dust pan out by the cubbies.


In conclusion, if you're looking for a nice secluded place to walk and/or play in the next few weeks, the grounds around our building are full of beautiful flowering trees and bulbs right now! (Please prepare a plan to avoid the YMCA play structures in advance of your visit; playgrounds are off limits during the current Stay at Home Order.)

But I don't think anyone is going to begrudge a child or two jumping off a few rocks in a church garden! Wishing you all a spring full of health and love.



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