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  • Taylor Dautremont

January 2020: Getting our Feet Wet and Keeping Our Feet Dry

I'd like to start things off with a big welcome to all our currently enrolled families, staff, board, and supportive community members. Thank you for your trust, support, and feedback as we have all worked to build CMC over the last year! I'm so excited to build a place here to share our work with you! At the end of each month, I plan to collect the best pictures and videos captured during our work and play at CMC and share them here. I'll also add descriptive text to help make sense of the Montessori materials and nature based play with which our beautiful children are engaging. Please join me in saying thank you to our dedicated staff for balancing the support of our children's development with a few minutes of documentation each day!

There are just a few photos from January below. Be on the lookout in a few days for February's photos and videos post. I also plan to share invitations to family events, education, and volunteer opportunities, so please check back often. It is my hope that sharing in this way will offer you a window into your children's experience at CMC and new tools for communicating with them about their time away from you. Let us know what you would like to see more of as we all continue to grow and learn!


Wally and Leo build concentration and self-control while using a board with geometric tiles and a threading activity. These type of transitional materials are typical options for children in their first weeks in a Montessori Children's House.


A table set up to share what we do at two preschool fairs early this year, one in Clintonville and one in Westerville. Please share any similar upcoming opportunities with us you think may be a good fit!


Leo does a rubbing of a star and circle design. Many opportunities for creative expression and building specific artistic skills are integrated into the Practical Life area of our Children's Houses.


Wally adjusts to a cold day on the playground and the bulkiness of his snowsuit in the first week of school.


Elliott works at a small mat on the floor arranging an even smaller set of furniture.


Kindness builds fine-motor skills while focusing on a set of nuts and bolts on the floor.


Leo develops scissor skills and strength in his hand while doing a beginning cutting work.


More photos and some great videos of all our children coming very soon!

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