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Summer Session 2020: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Looking back over these photos and videos from our Summer Session so far fills me with both joy and gratitude. A special thank you to Ms. Nash and Ms. Anna for the care they took in documenting the happy outcomes of all their other hard work. And thank you, also, to the families that donated their time, skills, and muscle this summer to the maintenance and improvement of our outdoor play area.

Left: Rita, a child that will be joining us on August 24th, walks over wood chips freshly spread by her mother in our outdoor area in July.

Below: Wally takes up his "Lava Challenge" (where he tries to make it around the logs without touching the wood chips) on the same morning.

Elijah, the youngest member of the Children's House East community, takes up the important work of keeping our windows sparkling clean (if not totally streak-free; that is just water he is spraying).

The children in After Care find an exciting new use for our hula hoops: train game!!! Evelyn is on setting a good pace, Wally provides narration and sound effects, Carsten and Elliott play passengers getting picked up at "Birch Tree Station."

Some mornings it felt as if we'd accidentally convened a children's entomology symposium instead of our Summer Session. We're fairly certain no bugs were harmed in the course of study but you may wish to check in with the keynote speakers: Evelyn and SJ!

Making mulch "sand castles", playing with the much loved new rainbow balls, and "chalking" rounds out the children's time outdoors.

Time indoors these past three weeks has been limited. However, the children have enjoyed lunch, beginning to explore some Montessori work, and many much needed naps!

Please join us in wishing Evelyn a wonderful last few days attending CMC! While we will miss her contributions to the community, it will be far from our final goodbye, as her younger brother Elliott will continue to attend Children's House East as we start our School Year Session.

We are all looking forward to welcoming many new children to our community on August 24th! We are also looking forward to more time exploring the expanding set of Montessori materials and opportunities Ms. Nash is busy incorporating into Children's House East in anticipation of the school year!



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