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  • Taylor Dautremont

December 2022 and January 2023: In the Thick of It!

Happy halfway point of winter and almost Valentine's Day to all our CMC families and friends! So far, this winter has presented challenges for many of us in terms of illness, injury, and other unique stressors. (I'm personally trying to stay grateful that the nose swabs and reports to state authorities have been far fewer and further between than in the previous two winters!)

Through all the figurative and literal storms, we've found a lot of light in work with Montessori materials and play outside in the cold and not-so-cold winter weather. We've also found a lot of warmth in cups of hot tea, bundling up in our best winter gear, and each other's enduring company. While our enrollment has stayed consistent, we have also planned to welcome a handful of new families at different points in the year still ahead.

This past month, we have sadly said goodbyes to a valued member of our team, Mary Bumpus. You may still run into Mary from time to time supporting with staffing needs as a substitute or supporting the rest of us in modeling and training around best practices in the care of our children. However, she has stepped down from her full-time role in Children's House East to support her family. Our long-time Assistant Director, Anna Strench, will be supporting in Children's House East until we are able to find a caring and capable long-term replacement.

If you know of anyone that may be interested in long-term work with us at CMC — in any capacity and with any level of experience — please share our Join the CMC Team webpage with them directly. (Referrals that result in at least 30 days of full-time employment will fulfill a family's entire remaining Community Hours commitment for the sessions in which their children are enrolled.)

And now on to the primary reason you are all here, pictures of our beautiful children learning and growing at CMC!

Our work in Practial Life builds coordination, concentration, independence, and the specific skills needed to care for oneself, others, and our environment:

The preparation, service, enjoyment, and clean up of food continues to be a focal point of our Practical Life curriculum:

Our work with Sensorial materials helps us to refine, categorize, and define our sense perceptions:

Our birthday walk ritual — like Lincoln is enjoying left and below the day after turning five — is a good example of a Sensorial exploration of the wider world.

Our art work reinforces skills developed through Practical Life and Sensorial exploration while also preparing and strengthening our hands and spacial awareness for writing.

I'm happy to report that there has been an explosion of early literacy activity in both Children's House East and West this winter from Sound Games and Sandpaper Letters to writing about and reading about the wider world!

Roshan and Rizwan are combining their geography and reading skills here to match the names of countires to pictures of their flags using our much loved flag atlas.

Our time outdoors and in the Movement Room is both a refreshing break from work in our Children's House communities as well as a chance to practice social skills with a larger group:

Finally, many of our older and more established community members continue to expand their ability to work collaboratively while better understanding the wider world through math:

Thank you for spending time exploring our little community this winter! Please reach out as you have questions or interest in learning more about what we have shared here. We are wishing you all a happy and healthy path to spring!

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