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  • Taylor Dautremont

CMC Joined Up with the Church Can Drive and then Put It on Hold

Earlier this month, we were busy helping to retool Karl Road Christian Church's long running can drive in support of Cleveland Christian Home, among other good causes. We collaborated with the church to install a new can crusher and provided a new, larger bin to store the crushed cans. Bonnie Furr, the woman that heads-up the can drive, is excited to share the funds raised with CMC. We have decided to use the funds to buy sand for our new sandbox.

My son, niece, nephew and brother all helped to install and test the can crusher on the first Saturday in March, right before we began to understand the potential risks of using a shared tool like this in these extraordinary circumstances. We're looking forward to reopening the can crusher and drive to CMC friends and family in the months to come as it is once again a safe activity for all.



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