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  • Taylor Dautremont

April and May 2024: Spring into Summer!

We've had a fantastic, busy spring at CMC! It's been full of so many meaningful hellos, goodbyes, learning opportunities, and special events that I've decided to share updates with you all a bit differently this time.

First, you may access nearly 300 beautiful photos and videos of day to day life at CMC in April and May over at Dropbox.

I've titled each photo with the month (April 24 or May 24), the first names of the children and staff featured in the photo, and a brief description of what's going on! Please let me know how this works for your family so I can determine if this may be a better fit for sharing among our community going forward!

Below, you will also find before and after photos of departing children and collections of photos and videos from our Solar Eclipse Party, Family Landscaping Day, and End of the School Year Picnic!

Before we say goodbye to children and their families, I'd like to invite you all to share in a final farewell to Sara Trott. Sara has supported CMC in various Director roles since the fall of 2022 and will be moving on to new career opportunities this month. We will miss her contributions to our community and the company of her two beautiful children, Elise and Milo!

Before and After Photos

(honoring each departing child's CMC experience)

To the right, Isla took immense delight in a couple of bowls, a spoon, and around 100 dried beans on her first day in Children's House East in June of '22. Below, Isla climbed one of our pines with her now much longer legs and characteristic confidence. We will miss her strong social leadership tremendously this summer and beyond!

Zou-Zou, as we all called him back then, joined CMC just a month after his third birthday in July of '22. Zane, as most of you know him now, left us more than ready to join his big sister and CMC alumna, Hannah, in attending elementary school up north! We will miss their whole family's multi-year dedication to our program and lifelong commitment to Montessori!

James showed intellectual initiative from his first days in Children's House West in September of '22. This has served him well over his two school years with us as he's moved from fitting shapes in frames to learning to check his calculations by running the same quantities through alternative equations!

Vera was all three-year-old energy when she joined us with trepidation in November of '22. The trust and self-confidence that she has developed in the last year and a half are truly a marvel to behold!

Please give it up one more time for the four "Westies" confidently moving on to other programs for their kindergarten year! We will miss all of your leadership in the year ahead!

We have come to rely on Lincoln's insight and leadership in math, reading, and socializing so much this past School Year Session that I was surprised to find this picture of the intrepid little puzzle solver that joined Children's House East in November of '22! I'm looking forward to learning of his successes and friendships in first grade!

To the right, CMC alum, Roshan, shows Charlotte the ropes by caring for plants with her in the Movement Room when she first arrived last summer. Below, Charlotte confidently cares for the plants of Children's House West all by herself. We will miss all the care she and her family have taken in participating in our community this year and wish them well in their next school!

Chrissy is last here in terms of total months spent with our community — just the nine plus of this past School Year Session — but is certainly not last in terms of change, impact, or growth while with us. We will all miss the ways in which Chrissy's perspectives on our community and the wider world brought new light and meaning to our own. We're looking forward to learning of her transition to first grade!

Please join us here at the end of the summer for more pictures of departing students and thanks for their contributions to our community!

Solar Eclipse Party

Thank you, Lauren, for having the foresight to buy certified glasses for the eclipse months before they sold out (and cheap imitators flooded the market)! You may wish to find pictures of our preparations with the children in our last post here, covering March and early April!

Family Landscaping Day

New mulch was dropped beside our fence on the Friday morning before landscaping day while the children were outside! A big thank you to Price Farm Organics for prioritizing delivery of their Play Soft Mulch each year while we're all outside to watch!

As Jiraiya demonstrates with real grit in this series, that truckload of Play Soft is spread over our outdoor area one loving shovel at a time, rain or shine!

A big, warm thank you to all our community members that have helped to maintain and improve our property over the past month! (And a very special shout out to Logan, Nora, and Lauren for coming back for round two, a sunny Sunday morning of pruning and weeding!)

End of the School Year Picnic

Thank you once again for all that each of you have contributed to bringing our community into being this year. We wish you all a safe and happy summer of adventure and growth!



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